高松青年会議所 会員研修委員会からのご案内です。

現在私たち会員研修委員会は2024 JCI ASPACアンコール大会に向けて、皆様に高松の魅力を伝えられるよう、鋭意準備を進めています。

Information from the Takamatsu Junior Chamber Membership Training Committee.

We, the Membership Training Committee, are currently working hard to prepare for the 2024 JCI ASPAC Encore Convention so that we can convey the charms of Takamatsu to everyone.






Today I would like to introduce one of Sanuki’s standard souvenirs, “Wasanbon” sugar.

Wasanbon sugar is a high-grade sugar often used in Japanese sweets, and most of it is produced in Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures.

It has been made since the Edo period, and the traditional manufacturing method is still being passed down. The name Wasanbon sugar comes from the process of “sharpening the sugar three times on a tray.” Beautiful white Wasanbon sugar is produced by placing a weight on the brown sugar that comes out of the sugarcane liquid and grinding it many times.

With its subtle sweetness, Wasanbon sugar is a delicious snack that can be eaten as is.




We will also be handing out prizes at the Takamatsu Junior Chamber Exhibition booth, so please give them a try.

We will tell you about not only Wasanbon sugar but also the various charms of Takamatsu, so please stop by our booth at JAPAN NIGHT.

和三盆糖(Wasanbon sugar)