高松青年会議所 会員研修委員会からのご案内です。

現在私たち会員研修委員会は2024 JCI ASPACアンコール大会に向けて、皆様に高松の魅力を伝えられるよう、鋭意準備を進めています。

Information from the Takamatsu Junior Chamber Membership Training Committee.

We, the Membership Training Committee, are currently working hard to prepare for the 2024 JCI ASPAC Encore Convention so that we can convey the charms of Takamatsu to everyone.






Today, we will introduce decorative tiles from Takamatsu.

Tiles are used as building materials in many countries, but they are not just materials; there are also decorative tiles called “decorative tiles.”

It is said that tile making in Sanuki has a history of over 1,000 years, and making use of that history and technology, various decorative tiles such as animals and lucky charms are made. For example, Onigawara has been used as a talisman to ward off demons and other scary things. Although tiles are less commonly used in buildings these days, everyday items such as chopstick rests made of tiles are still being made by making use of the techniques used to make decorative tiles.

Daily necessities made of tiles have just the right weight and are easy to use and blend into your daily life.

讃岐瓦_01(Sanuki tiles_01)




Small items made by tile craftsmen will be available as prizes at the Takamatsu Junior Chamber booth. Would you like to experience the texture and feel of tiles?

We will tell you about Takamatsu’s many charms, not just decorative tiles, so please stop by our booth at JAPAN NIGHT.

讃岐瓦_02(Sanuki tiles_02)